System Planning & Installation
Watchdog Systems Fleet Management can design and install surveillance systems for a wide variety of vehicles. Our designers draw on a vast wealth of experience and knowledge. All of our designers/ installers have years of prior experience in the tele-communications, GPS, security, and/ or mobile surveillance industry. From helicopters to submarines and everything in between, if it moves, our designers will provide your company with vital video and audio record. The information our systems provide will help protect you when it may be at its most vulnerable, on the road. We protect your employees, mobile assets, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Vehicle Installation
installation professionals have over 20 years experience in the surveillance and security tracking industry. We realize our success depends upon our ability to find the correct, custom solution for your business. Based in, but not limited to San Diego, California, in most cases we are available for vehicle installation projects nation-wide. The vehicle list located below this paragraph exemplifies some of our previous clients' needs and our technology's diverse and adaptable capability.

Tow Trucks
Flatbed Trucks
Law Enforcement
Fire Trucks
Tree Trimmers
Delivery Trucks
Construction Vehicles
Pickup Trucks
Lawn Maintenance

We are available during normal business hours by phone or email to clear up and answer any questions you may have regarding the mobile video camera / gps tracking installation process.

Video Library Management
Watchdog can help organize your video library. Your company's video archive will prove an invaluable tool for your training and behavioral safety departments. Please speak with a Watchdog representative about a service contract that best utilizes your company's acquired data.